Black Women Are Beautiful

Be Bold and Look Beautiful…

Thought Catalog


I am a black woman, but that’s not all I am. I’m stubborn, I’m loud, I’m a writer, I’m independent and I’m beautiful.

It’s not often you hear twenty something black women in college proclaiming how beautiful they are. Do we exist? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean we still don’t have our insecurities.

Yes, I am black, I am also a woman, but I am not the face of every black woman everywhere and this article is not a compiled list of the way all black woman in college feel.

Growing up, I was a beauty pageant brat. I knew I was beautiful because the judges and trophies I won told me I was. A lot of people are quick to judge and ask parents how they could put their child through long days like that, but I loved it. I loved every minute of it. I think it’s…

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