Gallery Merced


Born:        Merced, CA
Currently resides:      Merced, CA
Education:       BA in Graphic Design, Art Institute of Pttsburgh Online, Currently Enrolled;    AA in Visual Art, Merced College, 2013
Awards/Honors:       Merced College Teacher Student Award in Visual Art, 2013;    Barnett Music and Art Scholarship, 2010

As a young girl I was influenced and fascinated in the artworks of my father’s and uncle, simple because they were very talented and I admired their work.  At the age of 10 was when I knew that I wanted to become an artist.

The mediums I usually work with are acrylic, oil, and clay.  I spend lots of time painting and creating sculptures because I have a great love and passion for art.  I do a wide range of personalized work such as graphic design, logos, sculptures, pottery, and paintings.


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Chavella Dobbins


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