Faith Hope Love Family Service Association

The Faith Hope Love Family Service Association Project based in Hawassa, Ethiopia has enlisted the aid of AWDF to help it achieve its goal of empowering women and OVCs towards HIV/AIDS prevention and controlling efforts.

AWDF, along with the Association, has provided training and start-up capital to many disadvantaged women across the African continent. This program gives women social, economic, psychological and health empowerment so that they can develop a way of earning a stable income, to support themselves and their families

Mrs. Tirunigo Samie pictured above with her main source of income, her cattle.

Mrs. Tirunigo Samie is one of the beneficiaries of the AWDF/Faith Hope Love Family Service Association project. She is HIV Sero-positive and a mother of five children. Her husband died six years ago and she now cares for her children independently. Before joining the AWDF programme, she had no source of income and had not been able to find employment due to her deteriorating health condition.  As a result, her children were not attending school, she could not feed them and could not afford to pay their fees.  At best, her children were fed once a day by a neighbour. She sent some of her children to the street and some of them to her relatives.

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