No Make-up selfies for Cancer Awareness


For cancer awareness, a social media campaign where people (mostly females, it seems) take a ‘selfie’ (which is actually in the Oxford Dictionary now) to raise awareness of cancer. They then nominate a group of friends to do the same.

It’s received a lot of negative attention and I’m not entirely sure why.

For a start, this is so much better than the “NekNominate” game that took over Facebook recently, and had to claim three (it could be more) lives before people STOPPED doing it. Oh, and was also slated for constructing negative lad culture, setting up competitive and dangerous targets for the amount of alcohol they could consume.

Secondly, just think about the amount of advertisements you see every day, on websites, social media, television, magazines, newspapers, apps, billboards, shops, buses etc – everywhere. Now think about how many of the men and women on these adverts have stark…

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