The Anita Erskine Vlisco Dream Fund EVENT


Anita Erskine – Amaizo began her career as a TV presenter and has now added the roles of Producer, Entrepreneur, Wife and Mother to her career and life commitments.

Anita Erskine

In her work, Anita balances hosting live events for Multi nationals and running her media production company, Brand Woman Africa. These roles require a lot of travelling and interacting with people from all over Africa.

Over time, one of Anita’s most important focuses has become her passion for empowering and education the next generation of Young African Women.

As such, when the Vlisco Woman of the Month Award nomination came along, Anita knew instantly what she would use this unique opportunity to do. Combining her resources, career and voice, with that of some of her most valued relationships, Anita began raising funds to donate to her one true passion, which is what she now calls, the Promise of Africa. She believes the Promise of Africa is the continent’s most unexplored resource – the Women.

2014 - 7 2014 - 6 2014 - 3

Anita’s commitment to education girls and women, is coming to life, as she ends her campaign with this donation to three causes. These causes are :

  • Young Women in Skills Training here at OIC
  • Young girls and education at the The Arthur Educational complex located in Wiaga, a town in the Builsa North district of the Upper East Region of Ghana, which is an institution supported by the BMY-Network to bring quality education to the poor, especially the girl child.

  • The African Womens Development Fund,a grant making foundation that supports local, national and regional women’s organisations working towards the empowerment of African women and the promotion and realisation of their rights.

Over the last month, Anita has been campaigning to win the Vlisco Woman of the Month Award, created by Vlisco a year ago. Aptly themed the Dare to Dream campaign, Vlisco Women’s Month celebrates inspiring women in West and Central Africa during the whole month of March. This year’s theme is DARE TO DREAM, a tribute to women who have the faith and courage to realise their dreams. Vlisco has nominated women with outstanding achievements in West and Central Africa. Elected by public vote, the winners will be revealed on April 5.

2014 - 82014 - 4

      On March 28, Anita launched the Anita Erskine Vlisco Dream Fund by  making two donations. The first, was made to the OIC, where along with the staff and instructors of OIC, Anita chose 5 students with immense potential, but in dire need a financial push in order to realize their dreams! Each student received a full scholarship, which represents 2 years of Skills training at OIC.

 The second will be to little Thelma Adiita, who came all the way from the Upper East to receive her scholarship. After the fund was granted to Thelma, the OIC students came together in what became a mammoth fundraising for Thelma’s cause and that of the 10 other young children in the the The Arthur Educational complex located in Wiaga, a town in the Builsa North district of the Upper East Region of Ghana.

2014 - 1

Altogether, Anita made a donation of a total of 5000 Ghs to both causes and said,

I am a firm believer in education. My dream is to empower more and more Africans through Education. Vlisco gave me the inspiration to do this through my nomination and some of my loyal friends, clients and close affiliates such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ecobank, Hannah and Bel Aquah, Michael Amankwaa among others helped me to do this! I’m in awe. I am now convinced more than ever, that I am indeed doing the right thing in my life!




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